Long Range Weather for Marketing/Sales Promotions

Anytime you plan a marketing event or sales promotion event, the weather becomes a major factor in your formula for success or failure.

dryday™ forecasts help to plan on a date/s with a low risk of rain

It is important to plan outdoor promotions or displays around the weather to minimize the potential for wasted time and money due to unexpected rain.

Even if your date for your event has already been determined, you can now plan for the logistics and develop a style to match the expected weather conditions.

The dryday™ Advantage

Over the past ten years, promotions planned with dryday™ have enjoyed significant odds on their side with accuracy up to 87%.

Planning on your own puts you at additional risk

During that same time period, dryday™ forecasts outperformed planning on your own by a factor of almost three to one. This means that if you were planning with dryday™ forecasts during that period, roughly three out of four dryday™ forecasts would have provided you better odds over planning on your own.

The opposite is also true, if you were planning on your own, you would have been at a disadvantage around 75% of the time. Without a dryday™ forecast you could be planning dates or outdoor activities right in the middle of a period with a high chance of rain (Risky).

What about using other weather forecasts?

  • Media outlets continuously change their 3-10 day forecasts making them unusable for planning.
  • Other long term weather predictions use Climatology (historical averages) to predict the weather. This strategy has proven to be unreliable.

Get Started

The dryday™ long range weather forecast system is the culmination of over 50 years of privately funded meteorological research.

Unlike historical averages, dryday™ forecasts are created using a dynamic model of the atmosphere based on meteorological forces that have been proven, by extensive testing, to be acting upon our weather.

We forecast over 3.2 million locations with published verified historical accuracy of up to 87%.

dryday™ has served 60,000+ customers worldwide with over 65% making repeat purchases.

dryday™ gives you an edge

dryday™ forecasts have consistently outperformed randomly planning on your own.

In fact, over the last ten years, dryday™ forecasts have demonstrated a three to one advantage over random selection.