dryday provides daily long range weather forecasts specifically designed to assist in planning weather sensitive activities

Your local weather report helps with immediate weather decisions but has significant limitations when it comes to planning beyond a few days. In contrast, dryday provides a long term tool where every other weather service stops.

dryday weather forecasts indicate, months in advance, the dates in which there is little risk for rain (or snow).

The dryday™ Advantage

Over the past ten years, dryday™ users have enjoyed significant odds on their side with accuracy up to 87%.

Planning on your own puts you at additional risk

During that same time period, dryday™ forecasts outperformed planning on your own by a factor of almost three to one. This means that if you were planning with dryday™ forecasts during that period, roughly three out of four dryday™ forecasts would have provided you better odds over planning on your own.

The opposite is also true, if you were planning on your own, you would have been at a disadvantage around 75% of the time. You could be planning right in the middle of a period with a high risk for rain.

How We Forecast Long Range Weather

dryday™ forecasts are created using a dynamic model of the atmosphere, based on meteorological forces that have been proven by extensive testing to be acting upon our weather.

The way our forecasts are made is similar to how tidal charts are created. The tides are caused by forces (gravitational and centrifugal) between the sun, earth and moon. They are very consistent and can be accurately predicted in the long term. And just like a tidal chart, our weather forecasting model can go out as far as 18 months with no erosion of accuracy.

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