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Basics of Cloud Formation

Clouds.  Just what is a cloud and how is it formed?  Clouds are commonly known to be made up of of water.  But that explanation is far to simple. After all, water vapor (tiny gas particles) is typically not visible.  There is water vapor in the air around you right now but you probably do not see it.    Read more »

Fundamentals of Fog

Is fog just a cloud that touches the ground? ..... Basically yes, but there are many different types of fog. And depending the conditions that allowed for the fog to develop depends on just how it affects us.    Read more »

Desert Temperatures

How can a place so hot get so cold? Recently we received a question from someone who had been camping in the desert. He was curious about the temperature variations. During the day it can be extremely hot; only to be followed by relatively cold nights.    Read more »

Hawaiian Weather

Hawaii contains one wettest places on earth and even snow. There are two major seasons in Hawaii. The summer season lasts from May to September. The winter lasts from October to April. Due to relatively common solar energy levels, there is no dramatic changes between seasons. There can be various weather conditions between the islands and even dramatic differences between the regions of individual islands. Island regions can see various levels of rainfall, cloud cover, temperatures and wind speed between them all at the same time.    Read more »