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Basics of Cloud Formation

Clouds.  Just what is a cloud and how is it formed?  Clouds are commonly known to be made up of of water.  But that explanation is far to simple. After all, water vapor (tiny gas particles) is typically not visible.  There is water vapor in the air around you right now but you probably do not see it.    Read more »

How Volcanoes Change the Weather?

Volcanoes in themselves are an amazing part of the natural world. The surrounding region is suddenly rocked by earthquakes, lava flow, and explosions of gas and ash. It is the emissions that alter the atmosphere. In fact, emissions from volcanoes have been partially credited with creating our atmosphere in the first place.The earths atmosphere developed with volcanic emissions full of carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrogen, methane, sulfur, and chlorine.    Read more »

Fundamentals of Fog

Is fog just a cloud that touches the ground? ..... Basically yes, but there are many different types of fog. And depending the conditions that allowed for the fog to develop depends on just how it affects us.    Read more »

Understanding Rainfall Frequency

Rainfall Frequency is just like it sounds, understanding how often it rains in a specific region. But it is more than just how much rain, the concept focuses on exactly how often and how intense he rainfall is. This understanding is vital for agriculture and natural plant species that depend on rainfall instead of irrigation. But this concept is also applicable for a location your are thinking about spending sometime in or moving too.    Read more »