Understanding Rainfall Frequency

Rainfall Frequency is just like it sounds, understanding how often it rains in a specific region. But it is more than just how much rain, the concept focuses on exactly how often and how intense he rainfall is. This understanding is vital for agriculture and natural plant species that depend on rainfall instead of irrigation. But this concept is also applicable for a location your are thinking about spending sometime in or moving too.    Read more »

Atmospheric Pressure

On a daily basis, most of us do not think about the pressure outside; however, pressure plays a significant role on the weather. Pressure itself is simply the amount of force per a given area. Where pressure becomes noticeable is when there is a difference of pressure between to regions. Before we discuss regions, let's take this to a local level. Have you ever opened a door into a restaurant and the air rushes in? Sometimes the door does not even close properly. If the door is being sucked in, the air is being pulled from the outside to the inside. This is a result of the pressure inside the building being negative in comparison to the pressure outside the building. If the air is blowing towards you than the opposite is true. The pressure inside the building is positive in comparison to the outside. Two adjacent areas of different pressures will try to achieve an equilibrium.   Read more »

The Fundamentals of Wind

Whenever there is a difference between the atmospheric pressures of two regions, the result is wind. Air moves from the relatively positive region to the negative one. The speed of the wind is directly related to how negative one region is compared to the adjacent (positive) region. The wind will continue until both regions reach an equilibrium.    Read more »

Moods and Weather

It is generally accepted that the weather can affect peoples moods. You can see it in yourself on a sunny day compared to a rainy or gloomy day. In fact there is actually a science to how weather affects your mood. The amount of sunlight has a direct influence on hormone production which in turn influences Melatonin levels. Depending on how sensitive a person is to Melatonin levels, depends on the intensity their mood is altered. And this is no insignificant disorder. In America alone, nearly 35 million people have problems with this condition. SAD is a serious disorder that can be life threatening and the associated depression can be severe.    Read more »