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Portland, Oregon Long Range Weather Forecast

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FREE 30 Day Long Range Weather Forecast

This is a real DRYDAY® long range weather forecast for you to use to plan your weather sensitive activities. The forecast moves forward each day. Long range weather forecasts are available up to 18 months out with no reduction in accuracy. Forecasts never change making them ideal for planning.

Portland, Oregon Long Range Weather Forecast

Hint: Try our Enhanced Forecast to see the detailed forecast for a specific day.

Designed For Planning 

Personal Weather Planning
These long range weather forecasts tell you when to expect storm-free days as far as 18 months in advance. Vacations, weddings, parties and other events of a personal nature may be planned to avoid weather inconveniences.

Business Weather Planning
Business commitments such as sales promotions, critical construction phases and conferences may be scheduled with the confidence that rain or snow will not interfere and that favorable weather will improve profitability.

Identify Dry Periods

DRYDAY® long range weather forecasts are designed to help in planning outdoor activities. These long range weather forecasts indicate, months in advance, the dates in which there is little risk for rain. They do not forecast when it will rain or snow.

Our Customers

We have 55,000+ customers worldwide. Their success with DRYDAY keeps them coming back. Over 60% of our customers make repeat purchases.

DRYDAY long range weather forecasts are being used for the planning of weddings, vacations, movie shoots, corporate and marketing events - virtually any outdoor activity you can think of.

Advanced WX Technology

The DRYDAY® long range weather forecast system is the culmination of over 30 years of privately funded meteorological research and has a verified accuracy of up to 85% for forecasting dry periods over the long term.