Myanmar Long Range Weather Forecast Locations:

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'Nbukawng,Kachin State    Ba Hpang,Kachin State    Bawthilaw,Kayin State   
A-hu-chai,Shan State    Balawng Dingsa,Kachin State    Bawthohta,Kayin State   
Ai-kyaw,Shan State    Balawng-gahtawng,Kachin State    Bekhinta,Kayin State   
Ai-kyawpa,Shan State    Baledo,Kayin State    Bhamo,Kachin State   
Ai-to,Shan State    Ban Baw,Shan State    Bi-hku,Kayah State   
Ai-tzu-tou,Shan State    Ban Hpap    Bina,Kayin State   
Aifang,Shan State    Bān Kalam    Bisakat,Kayin State   
Aikyeng,Shan State    Bān Kamou    Bisakhat,Kayin State   
Aju,Kachin State    Ban Kiu    Ble-mu,Kayin State   
Akwe-chai,Shan State    Bān Koh    Bleper,Kayin State   
Akyauk,Kachin State    Ban Noi-loi    Bo-hku,Kayah State   
Al-tzu-tou,Shan State    Bān Sadein    Bo-la,Kayah State   
Alawpum,Kachin State    Ban Salam    Bodewa,Kachin State   
Alè Mèkane,Kayin State    Ban Sompan    Bōk Hō-twi,Shan State   
Ale-ywa,Kayin State    Banawn Auk,Kayah State    Bōk Hsopnam,Shan State   
Amya    Bangjung,Kachin State    Bōk Ten,Shan State   
Ankare,Mon State    Bangshan,Kachin State    Boler,Kayin State   
Ankaung,Kayin State    Bangyok    Bomahe,Kayin State   
Anphagale,Kayin State    Banhasri    Boosado,Kayin State   
Anphagyi,Kayin State    Bankachon    Bu-hku,Kayah State   
Antwe,Kayin State    Bankom    Bubehi,Kayin State   
Apaumka-taung,Shan State    Banlun,Kachin State    Budaung,Kachin State   
Ashang,Kachin State    Banma,Kachin State    Bum-gahtawng,Kachin State   
Ason,Kayin State    Basankawng,Kachin State    Bumbrai,Kachin State   
Atet Kunthidaw    Baunoi,Kachin State    Bumchyang,Kachin State   
Atet Kwingale,Kayin State    Bawbawkhi,Kayin State    Bumrawng,Kachin State   
Atet Mèkane,Kayin State    Bawbookyo,Kayin State    Bumsaw,Kachin State   
Auk Kunthidaw    Bawdaing,Kayin State    Bumsen,Kachin State   
Aukan,Kachin State    Bawkawkhi,Kayin State    Bumtawn,Kachin State   
Aukka,Shan State    Bawkhi,Kayin State    Bumtum,Kachin State   
Aulawsaukhi,Kayin State    Bawkyawhta,Kayin State    Bumwa,Kachin State   
Aung Ba    Bawkyawle,Kayin State    Bwado,Kayin State   
Aunghlaing,Kayin State    Bawla-hke,Kayah State    Byehtu,Kachin State   
Aw-ka-tha,Kachin State    Bawlakhe,Kayah State    Cha-he-noi,Shan State   
Awkhke,Shan State    Bawlè-daw,Kayah State    Chalaodo,Kayin State   
Awnglawng,Kachin State    Bawnawkhi    Chamaw,Shan State   
Awngsa,Kachin State    Bawnawle,Kayin State    Champang   
Awsai,Shan State    Bawtawdo,Kayin State    Changkyaling,Shan State   
Ayu    Bawtharaw,Kayin State    Changliu-shui,Shan State   
Ayu,Kayin State    Bawthikhi,Kayin State    Chapawdo,Kayin State
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