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Manchester, Tennessee (Coffee County) Long Range Weather Forecast

DRYDAY® long range weather forecasts are designed to help in planning outdoor activities. These long range weather forecasts indicate, months in advance, the dates in which there is little risk for rain/snow. They do not forecast when it will rain (or snow).

For best results, plan your weather sensitive activity on DRYDAY® days (the yellow bars). Keep as far away from the risky days (gray and black bars) as possible.

If your activity is going to be more than one day (one week, for example), look for the longest string of DRYDAY® days. If the month is mostly risky days, choose a group of bars with the lowest percentage of risk.

If any rain does fall in the month, expect most of it to fall on the risky days. However, it probably won't rain (or snow) on every risky day - these are not rain or snow forecasts, but weak spots in the weather.

You can significantly improve the odds for choosing a day without rain/snow by utilizing DRYDAY® long range weather forecasts. Additional long range weather forecasts are also available, as far as 18 months in advance, at